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Vegan Hippie Fanfic Addict's Musings and Rants

...um....Hi :)

7 August
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i am an ethical vegan and i'm doing this live journal to reach out to other vegans, vegetarians and poeple interested in the animal rights movement.

i am an odd chick. i don't want to be like everyone else. i wont change to fit in. i won't lower my expectations if you won't rise to meet them. i am ... more than you know, and every thing you wish you had the guts to be. like it or not, i'm the one you'll never quite be able to forget, so get used to me. love me...fear me... i really couldn't care less. the world will not spin backwards if you don't like me, but i honestly wouldn't hate it if you did, cause i'm cooler than i sound sometimes ( or so i've been told) and in any case, i wouldn't mind knowing something about you.